Musashi Katana 1095


The blade is made of High Carbon 1095 steel. This High Carbon percentage blades are very strong and made for tameshigiri.

The blade is made of High Carbon 1095 steel. This steel has a perfect Carbon proportion. Because of this High Carbon percentage the blades are very strong and made for functional use. The steel is handforged and claytempered. The differential hardening will  cause a harder edge and softer body. The created Hamon is appearing due to the hand polishing and partly this blade is machined polished with foundation. This blade has no Bo-Hi so it is solid and it will create more power while cutting a target. Also the blade will experience less resistance hitting a target and the cuts will be very clean with the right technique.

The Tsuka is covered with real black same (rayskin) and wrapped with Japanese Silk. For safety the tsuka has two bamboo pins (mekugi).

The katana features a blackened iron Musash Tsuba with traditional characteristics.

The Menuki fits the tsuba perfectly.The Kasira and Fuchi are also made of blackened iron and match the Musashi Tsuba.
The excellent blackened saya includes a nice Japanese Silk Sageo.

Of course this katana comes with a nice sword bag.


Nagasa or Blade: forged and differential hardened 1095 High Carbon Steel.
Blade: Shinken
Blade: No-Hi
Polish: hybryd/hand polish
Nagasa - Blade Length incl habaki: 76 cm
Overall length: 104 cm
Tsuka - Handle Length: 28 cm
Motohabi: 3,2 cm
Motokasane: 6 mm
Sakihabi: 2,7 cm
Sakikatane: 5 mm
Weight: 1240 gram
Menuki: blossom
Kashira/Fuchi: blackened iron
Tsuba: Musashi blackenend iron
Kissaki: Chu-Kissaki
Inclusive Swordbag

Each sword is handmade and unique so piece from piece will not look the same.


1095 forged

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