We are specialized in Japanese Katana. Our functional Samurai Swords are hand-forged, possibly folded and differential hardened. You can buy a katana from high-quality forges such as Hanwei, Thaitsuki, Dragon King, Kaneie and Huanuo. The functional weapons are sold to practitioners, such as the Iaido and Shinkendo, as well as the demanding collector. Different polishes are used on the katanas, Wakizashis and Tantos.


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Buy a really sharp sword? Then you've come to the right place, we have a wide range of different types of swords.

We have medieval swords, European swordsChinese swords and of course we specialize in the Japanese Katana.

We have functional swords, they often call this battle ready. These are always full tang and forged from the right steel. We also have a wide range of iaito’s, which are not sharp and suitable for training. Especially the Iaito by Paul Chen are very popular because in terms of weight, feel and touch they correspond to a real Katana.

Buy a Katana

We sell functional Katana for martial art practitioner or collector. The range consists of many types and of course different lengths. You will not find ornamental swords that do not meet our requirements here. Paul Chen or Hanwei's swords are well priced and of high quality. If you want to buy a Katana that is forged in the traditional way, is full tang and which is battle ready, then you've come to the right place.

In fact, Katana means long sword in Japanese and these were used by the Samurai. That is why these swords are often called Samurai sword. The samurai adhered to the bushido, a moral code of honor, and for that reason the swords deserve honor and respect. Ornamental swords do not meet this requirement in our opinion.

Swords legal?

You may purchase and own a Katana if you are over 18 years old. It is therefore not prohibited to buy a Katana. So if you walk a sword to display on a stand, there is nothing wrong. Even if you practice a sport with it such as iaido, katori or nin-jitsu, that does not cause any problems. You do have to transport the sword packaged and therefore not carry it in public.

Owning and purchasing a sword in the Netherlands is legal and therefore NOT prohibited. If you display the sword at home for decoration, used to practice a sport such as kendo, Iaito or medieval sword fighting, there is nothing wrong. You are not allowed to wear a sword or make it visible in public, but this is punishable. Would you like to know more about legislation on weapons and ammunition in the Netherlands? Contact our customer service, we can advise you about regulations in the Netherlands.