Nami Katana 1095 Hi
  • Nami Katana 1095 Hi
  • Nami Katana 1095 Hi
  • Nami Katana 1095 Hi
  • Nami Katana 1095 Hi
  • Nami Katana 1095 Hi
  • Nami Katana 1095 Hi
  • Nami Katana 1095 Hi
  • Nami Katana 1095 Hi
  • Nami Katana 1095 Hi
  • Nami Katana 1095 Hi
  • Nami Katana 1095 Hi

Nami Katana 1095 Hi


The Nami Katana is a functional samurai sword hand forged from 1095 carbon steel with a razor sharp edge. A hand forged blade with Bo-Hi and differential hardened using the traditional clay method.

Hand forged blade of high quality 1095 carbon steel, differentially hardened using the traditional clay method, resulting in a Ko-Notare hamon.

This light weight sword is specially designed for Japanese swordsmanship practitioners. This shinken meets the needs of shinkendo, iaido, kenjutsu and batto-do practitioners. Designed for light tameshigiri (cutting exercises) and frequent kata.

The differential hardening ensures that the edge reaches a greater hardness than the back side. This ensures the most optimal properties of the blade, with the edge being hard and sharp and the spine tougher and dampening the blows.

The blade of the Nami is traditional Shinogu Zukuri Style with a Bo-Hi (longitudinal groove) so that the blade is lighter, more agile and faster, and the joints are less stressed due to the lower weight. The Bo-Hi also creates the tachi-kaze (whoosh sound) with the right technique. The blade has a Torii-Zori (curcve).

The polishing is partly done by machine, but the final polishing is done completely by hand.

The scabbard or saya of this samurai sword is matte and the scabbard cord is made of black Japanese cotton.

The grip or tsuka is covered with genuine white rayskin and the grip wrap consists of black Japanese silk. The Tsuka is secured with two bamboo pins (Mekugi).

Of course the blade is full tang and therefore continues into the handle and is then secured with two pins (mekugi). Due to the massive construction, sharp blade and sublime design, you can rightly call this a functional or battle-ready sword.

The theme of this sword is nami. This stands for the waves at sea, but also for the continuous alternation between life and death and good and evil.

The fuchi and kashira fit in nicely with this theme and an appealing brass menuki.

A great katana to practice light tameshigiri, with a high quality that matches a functional katana. A relatively simple and mystical look but with a very sharp edge that Huanuo's katanas are known for.

Of course, the samurai sword comes with a case.


Nagasa or Blade: hand-forged and differentially hardened 1095 HCS steel

Blade: Shinken (sharp)

Leaf: Bo-Hi

Polishing: machine/hand polishing.

Total length: 104.5 cm

Nagasa - Blade Length incl habaki: 73.5 cm

Tsuka - Handle Length: 28.5 cm

Motohabi: 3.2cm

Motokasane: 6 mm

Sakihabi: 2.1 cm

Sakikatane: 4 mm

Weight: 854 grams

Sori: 2.3 cm

Menuki: Dragon brass

Kashira/Fuchi: blackened iron

Tsuba: Nami blackened iron

Kissaki: Chu-Kissaki

Including holdall

Each sword is handmade and unique so piece from piece will not look the same.

B - 008 - F - 1095
Bo-Hi (groove)
Weight (Gram)
800 - 949