Japanese Swords

Authentic Japanese Nihonto or Japanese swords, which are true masterpieces with an eye for the smallest details. Currently I have authentic antique Katanas and Wakizashi's in my shop. I have a small offer but high-quality katana’s and Wakizashi’s and are all of course equipped with NBTHK papers which ensure the authenticity. No mass production replicas from China but original and one-off pieces from a long history and distant country, in this case Japan.

Japanese Swords

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There are a number of aspects that make an authentic Japanese Sword or Katana really special. A good sword must meet a number of conflicting requirements, which are unbreakability, hardness and cutting power. For that reason, the old Japanese have come up with technical solutions to make it appear in a sword. For unbreakability you need a relatively softer but tough steel that won't break with a decent cut. The hardness with sharpness and cutting power are only possible with a very hard piece of steel. The blacksmiths who have provided the Samurai class with their weapons have therefore found a way through insights and technological innovations to give the swords a very distinctive character.

Authentic Japanese swords are forged from two types of steel with their own different properties. A relatively softer core which is shrouded in harder steel, which in many ways has been forged and folded. Also a geometry that thickens from the back of mune for strength and then narrows to the edge for a very sharp cut. The most distinguishing feature of these swords is that a tempered edge is created with the rest of the blade by applying a special clay and cooling it quickly. The result is a sword blade with a edge that is much harder than the rest of the blade, which allows me to create a very sharp edge for optimal cutting power. Also, the curvature or sori is very characteristic of a katana. This was evoked from the tachi used by the samurai on horseback and carried with the edge downwards to a katana that in this way could draw his sword quickly in a smooth and continuous movement.

But over time, the Japanese swords have become more objects of art due to the dedication of all the specialists involved in the finishing of the sword. The beauty of a sword therefore lies next to its practical and mechanical perfection. The polishing of the blade fully reveals the beauty and complexity of the forging. The authentic material for forging the sword is Tamahagane. This is a type of steel that is made from the traditional Japanese tradition. Due to this specific and unique method, every Japanese sword will have a differential hardening of the blade and the resulting hamon will never be the same.


With us you can buy a real Japanese Katana, Wakizashi or Tanto with NBTHK papers.