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Musashi Katana 1060


The Musashi Katana is a classic samurai sword hand-forged from 1060 carbon steel with a razor-sharp edge.


This sword is specially designed for Japanese swordsmanship practitioners on a budget. This shinken meets the needs of shinkendo, iaido, kenjutsu and batto-do practitioners. Designed for tameshigiri (cutting exercises) and frequent use.

The starting point with this sword is functionality with a certain elegance and simplicity. The blade is through-hardened from HCS 1060 steel. The blade is machine polished and is not differential hardened and therefore has no hamon.

The throughhardening process creates an overall stronger blade which is extremely resilient and durable. The edge is sharp and the design is in a traditional shinogi zukuri which provides excellent cutting properties.

This samurai sword does not have a Bo-Hi (longitudinal groove) so the blade is more massive and develops more power when hitting an object. The blade will also experience less resistance when hitting a target and the cuts will be cleaner with the right technique.

Of course the blade is full tang and therefore continues into the handle and is then secured with two pins (mekugi). Due to the massive construction, sharp blade and sublime design, you can rightly call this a functional or battle-ready sword.

The tsuba is the well-known double ring of musashi. Miyamoto Musashi was a very famous Japanese samurai. He was a Ronin, which is a swordsman with no master or warlord and was known as a kensei or sword saint.

The fuchi and kashira fit in nicely with this theme. Of course a real same or ray skin handle and an appealing brass menuki.

A black glossy sheath or saya ensures that this sword in all its simplicity never gets bored and does justice to Zen Buddhism.


Blade length: 104,5 cm
Blade lenngth: 72,5 cm
Shaku: 2.39
Handle Length: 29 cm
Weight: 1210 gram
Balance point: 16 cm
Motohabi: 3,4 cm
Motokasane: 7 mm
Sakihabi: 2,5 cm
Sakikasane: 6 mm
Sori: 2 cm

Each sword is handmade and may vary slightly.

A - 006 - F - 1060
Bo-Hi (groove)
Weight (Gram)
1201 - 1250