Buy Samurai Sword?

In some way you're hit by a Samurai sword and you started on your search to buy one. On our website you will find only functional and beautiful Samurai swords for practitioners and collectors.

The Samurai sword is known throughout the world and is also called katana and is the soul of the Samurai. In addition to the highly functional Katana's of modern forges like Hanwei, Huanuo and Skyjiro we also offer authentic Nihonto from Japan. At the Samurai Katana Shop we have deep respect for the Samurai sword and the long history of it. Because we are our whole life in Budo, we are also practicing Karate and Iaido we know exactly on which aspects we have to llok aver if a sword is functional. Also we visit regularly all kinds of Dojo's to our swords to exhibit or to training. 

The Japanese swords and Iaito's we offer in our webshop are carefully chosen and it is possible to find one that suits the style, body and personal expectations. We sell not only swords and Iaito's but you can also find maintenance kits and standards so you can exhibit your katana with respect.

If you have any questions then you are very welcome to come along.

We have a store in Heemskerk, and are accessible by mail: or by phone: 06-55696938.

Samurai Katana Shop