Samurai Katana Shop

We sell many martial arts weapons including KatanasIaitos and oak Bokken (wooden practice swords), Chinese swords and European swordsYou can  find all quality brands such as Hanwei, Kaneie, Huanuo and Skyjiro.  At this level, we are the big specialist of the Netherlands. Even you can find some high quality antique Japanese Nihonto

In our expanded selection you will find iado gikarate uniformsjudo uniformsprotection and many weapons. The famous brand Adidas has meanwhile many martial arts clothing with high Quality.

We know that shopping online for swords and weapons can be difficult. You cannot "feel" the weapon in your hands, and therefore many people are turned off by shopping for weapons online. We do our very best to get you photos and video’s of our products from every angle and take extreme close-ups so that you can see the little details.

Want to pick the products? Come to our store in Heemskerk, we are open by appointment.


samurai katana shop

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