Citadel Swords

The swords of the forge Citadel are made with authentic methods and techniques, resulting in unique samurai swords for functional use and for collections. Hand forged from High Carbon Steel 1075 for a good balance between hardness and flexibility. These katanas have a HRC 60 edge and an HRC 40 mune (back). Naturally expertly hardened with the traditional clay method for a beautiful sugata (shape) and extremely hard edge. By means of a complete hand polishing with stones, where the process is one with a basic polishing (shitaga togi) and final polishing (shiage togi). This final polishing is done with hazuya stone and nugui powder paste. Obviously a lot of attention to details for the custom made habaki and tsuka (handle). The koshirae, including the tsuba, are hand-made and engraved, usually of blackened iron. The samurai swords are all crafted in a high-quality way and make each sword unique. Naturally, the handles are provided with real ray skin and tightly wrapped with Japanese silk.

Citadel Swords


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