Tomoe Katana


A newer offer from Hanwei is the Tomoe katana. It is a katana of distinctive style with a thinner, lighter blade without Hi.


The Tomoe Koto katana is designed for the tameshigiri practitioner who want a fast, light, good balanced and real cutter.

The Koto Tomoe Katana features a handforged and throughhardened 5160 High Carbon springsteel blade style with history in Japanese Koto period.

The tsuka is wrapped in suède with artificial same  and matt black saya with red sageo.

A recommendable n excellent katana  for the iaido practitioner who would like to start tameshigiri training with a relatively inexpensive but durable katana. 


Overall length: 106 cm
Nagasa / Bladelength ex. Habaki: 73 cm
Tsuka / Handle: 31 cm
POB: 12,5 cm
Motohaba (bottom width): 3,00 cm
Motokasane (bottom blade thickness): 5 mm
Sakihaba (yokote width): 2,00 cm
Sakikasane (yokote thickness): 4,00 mm
Sori: 2,10 cm
Weight: 980 gram

Please note that as these are all hand made there will be some variation from blade to blade.

Bo-Hi (groove)
Weight (Gram)
950 - 1000