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47 Ronin Katana
  • 47 Ronin Katana
  • 47 Ronin Katana
  • 47 Ronin Katana

47 Ronin Katana


47 Ronin Katana, a sharp, hand forged blade made of 9260 Carbon-springsteel in Shobu-Zukuri-Style

At the beginning of the 18th century the Shogun charged the princes Kamei Korechika and Asano Naganori to arrange a welcome ceremony for the delegate of the emperor. Both were relaint on the corrupt ceremony master Kira Kozuke, who should brief them concerning the suavity. Certainly Kozuke expected generous gifts for this. In contrast to Kamei, Asano refused whereupon Kozuke briefed him eminently bad, berated and provoked him. After a while of endurance Asano boiled over and attacked him with a knife. Although he hurt him only a bit it was death for this crime and Asano committed the ritual suicide. Among Asano´s followers were 47 Samurai which were now Ronin (abandoned Samurai). Although all of them knew vendetta would denote the own death, they forged out a plan to kill the ceremony master. After months of prep they infiltrated his estate, executed him and severed his head. After they placed the head on Asanos grave they capitulated. Because of they avenged their master and had acted in code of Samurai honor the Shogun allowed the suicide by Seppoku and so they were not executed like usual criminals. This event is considered as signal example for the absolute faith and loyalty of the Samurai to their master.

The John Lee 47 Ronin Katana should reflect the strength and faith of the Ronin.

Sharp, hand forged blade made of 9260 Carbon-springsteel (not stainless), adequate for cutting tests (approx. 55 HRC)
Blade in Shobu-Zukuri-Style
 Handle made of wood with genuine ray skin inlay
Handle wrapping made of black leather with classic Hineri-Maki-Style
Black, mirror finish lacquered sheath made of wood (Kuroro-Style) with endings (Kojiri, Korigata, Koiguchi) made of buffalo horn
Highclass, bicolor Sageo
Delivered in a beautiful collector’s box.
Manufactured according to historical paragons
Blade Material: 9260 Carbon Steel
Handle Material: Wood / Ray Skin / Cotton
Sheath: Wood
Handle Length: 32,5 cm
Blade Length: 73 cm
Overall Length (without sheath): 105 cm
Weight (without sheath): 1300 g


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