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Musaschi Ichi Wakizashi
  • Musaschi Ichi Wakizashi
  • Musaschi Ichi Wakizashi
  • Musaschi Ichi Wakizashi

Musaschi Ichi Wakizashi

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A Musashi Ichi Wakizashi or Short Sword with a hand-forged traditional blade.

The samurai Miamoto Musashi lived from 1584 to 1645 and went down in Japanese history as one of the most impressive samurai. He has been called the best Japanese swordsman. He was an artist and craftsman at the same time.

The Musashi Ichi wakizashi has a hand-forged blade made of carbon steel with a fine hamon and is tempered by clay in the traditional manner.  The sharp blade fitted with a hi (fuller) to reduce the overall weight. The handle (tsuka) is made of wood, covered with real ray skin and fitted with two menukis. In addition, it is traditionally wrapped with black cotton. The blade is particularly long and attached with two bamboo bamboo pins (mekugi). The scabbard (saya) is wooden and the habaki is brass. The sword comes with a certificate of authenticity, wrapped in cloth and in a high-quality wooden box. All sizes are subject to change.

This is a wakizashi, which is a short sword. This was used for fighting with two-sword techniques. The daisho consists of a katana (long sword) and wakizashi (short sword).


Material blade: 1045 Carbon Steel

Material handle: Wood/Ray Skin/Cotton

Sheath: Wood

Length of handle: 24,5 cm

Length of blade: 53 cm

Overall length (without scabbard): 78 cm

Weight (without scabbard): 800 g


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