War Horse Katana


The War Horse Katana is made of hand-forged and clay differential hardened MN65 high carbon steel which is designed for a battle ready cutter.

The earth trembles and the air thunders as thousands of hoofs strike the ground over the horizon. The tranquility of the emerald sea nor of the clear blue sky shield you from the destruction galloping toward you as battle nears.

Much like the War Horse Katana, the beautiful colors of the emerald tsuka over white same (ray skin) belie the deadly sharp steel blade nestled in the deep blue saya. The forged 65Mn steel blade features true clay-tempering that produces a distinctive hamon (temper line). The traditional polish brings out the real hamon and a mirror shinogi-ji (flat section). 65Mn steel is  the equivalent to 1065 carbon steel.

The HRC 60 edge and HRC 40 back are ideal for cutting if you wish to try this pony in the field. The blackened tsuba features two rider-less horses chasing each other in the endless human condition of warfare. The silver menuki represent the Tokugawa and Oda clans whereas the fuchi and kashira feature the Takeda and Mori clan symbols. Truly a tragically beautiful katana built for war.


27 5/8" forge steel blade
Traditional handle construction
Thick balanced cutting blade
Overall: 40 1/2", 102,87 cm
Blade Length: 27 5/8", 70,18 cm, 2.32 shaku
Handle Length: 11 1/2", 29,21 cm
Weight: 2 lbs 9 oz, 1155 gram
Sori: 3/8", 0,97 cm
Blade Steel: 65Mn

Specs will vary slightly from piece to piece.

These swords are usually not in stock, take into account a delivery time of 4 - 12 weeks, or contact us first.


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