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Isamashii wakizashi


The Isamashii wakizashi has attractive themes which you can find throughout the whole koshirae.


The Isamashii wakizashi is handforged, handmade, differential  tempered and finished with beautiful koshirae. The blade in unokubi zukuri Suguta (design) koto style  is on all fronts high  finished. The differential tempering by water has caused the hamon, also the blade is fully polished by hand. 

Beautifully finished koshirae with silver accents, the fuchi and kashira fits perfectly the black copper tsuba. The wrap or tsuka ito is Japanese black silk on white same, the silver menuki is beautiful here. All secured with two mekugi ana (bamboo pins) so that the handle is mountable.

The seppa are made of silver and everything breathes high mounting quality. The habaki have both sides engraved mon theme mitsu hana style.

It is a shinken so sharp blade with hamon notare and chu-kissaki.

This wakizashi slides easily and smoothly with the correct resistance of the black lacquered saya and comes to rest against the koiguchi.

The Isamashii wakizashi is fully functional and not a replica of any kind whatsoever. It is considered a weapon and it is extremely sharp. This sword can easily cut through a thick bamboo fresh with a single blow.


Total: 80 cm
Weight: 700 grams

Probably we can deliver after 2 - 3 months.