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John Lee Shirasaya Katana
  • John Lee Shirasaya Katana
  • John Lee Shirasaya Katana

John Lee Shirasaya Katana


A Shira Saya Katana by John Lee, made for long-term safe keeping of the sword blade.

Shirasaya refers to a special sword mount, which used to be used for long-term and secure storage of the blade. Especially in times of peace, swords were ideally protected stored in this. The unpainted Magnolia wood absorbs the moisture inside the scabbard, directs it outward, protecting it from rust. Many Shirasaya featured a "Sayagaki," an inscription, which gave information about the blacksmith, origin and classification.

On the streets of Japan, the inconspicuous tool without a handle and protection, especially in the latter part of the 19th century, was used because the emperor at the time forbade the carrying of samurai swords.

The Shirasaya mount, which resembled a wooden sword or wooden stick, was a clever way to carry the sword unnoticed.

Shinogi Zukuri-style blade with a Bo-Hi, hand-forged from 1045 carbon steel. The blade is sharpened with a recorded Hamon line for a very authentic look.

With long pliers, which are attached to the handle with two bamboo pins (Mekugi).

Thus, the sword is completely dismountable. Without plastic, only high quality and authentic materials are used. Blade clamp (Habaki) and rings (Seppa) are made of brass. A protective cover made of fabric, a seal of John Lee and a certificate are included in the delivery.


Blade material: 1045 Carbon steel
Handle material: Wood / Rye skin / Cotton
Sheath: Wood
Handle Length: 28 cm
Blade length: 72 cm
Overall Length (without scabbard): 100 cm
Weight (without scabbard): 940 g

Specifications may vary slightly