Musashi Wakizashi


The Musashi Wakizashi is designed for the tameshigiri practitioner who want a fast, light, good balanced and real cutter. 

This wakizashi is based on the style of the swords from the Koto period and makes it a fast, light and strong wakizashi with a relatively deeper sori.

The Musashi Wakizashi is a functional Tameshigiri cutter for the serious practitioner.

This Wakizashi is hand-forged from 5160 High Carbon spring steel and through-hardened.

The Tsuka is wrapped in brown Suede with artificial same and has a matted brown saya with red sageo.

A durable blade with the famous Musashi double ring, this combination makes it an affordable short sword.

Specifications Musashi Wakizashi:

Can be disassembled with Mekugi
Total length: 84 cm
Nagasa / Blade length ex. Habaki: 56 cm
Tsuka / Handle: 25.50 cm
POB: 10cm
Motohaba (bottom width): 3.1 cm
Motokasane (bottom blade thickness): 6 mm
Sakihaba (yokote width): 2.10 cm
Sakikasane (yokote thickness): 5.00 mm
Sori / Curvature: 2.10 cm
Weight: 806 grams

Please note that as these are all hand made there will be some variation from blade to blade.

Bo-Hi (groove)
Weight (Gram)
800 - 949

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