Winter Sun Katana


The Winter Sun Katana is made of handforged and through tempered 5160 high carbon steel which is designed for tameshigiri.


The macaque (Japanese snow monkeys) know survival requires communal support. Our Winter Sun Katana mirrors the cold reality of the darkest days of the year on the tsuba (guard) and menuki. The blackened tsuba, fuchi, tsuka-ito and fuchi-kashira contrast the real white same handle and the black textured lacquered saya.

The 5160 forged high-carbon steel blade features a 1 ½" kissaki (point) and blade geometry conducive to rigorous cutting without chipping or deformation on soft and semi-hard targets.


5160 Through-Tempered Forged Carbon Steel Blade
Authentic Construction and Details
Winter Theme
Overall: 43 1/4",, 109,86 cm
Blade Length: 29 1/4", 74,30 cm, shaku 2.45
Handle Length: 12 1/4", 31,12 cm
Weight: 3 lbs, 1200 gram

Specs will vary slightly from piece to piece.

These swords are usually not in stock, take into account a delivery time of 4 - 12 weeks, or contact us first.