Saviour Katana


The Saviour Katana is made of hand-forged and clay differential hardened T10 high carbon steel which is designed for tameshigiri.

The Saviour Katana by Dragon King embodies the power of the Kami (guardian spirit) throughout the entire motif. From the fuchi-kashira, menuki, fuchia and to the tsuba, our artisans convey this ancient theme beautifully without being gaudy or pretentious. The silver sword menuki compliments the white same (ray skin) and black cotton tsuka-ito (handle wrap) and the notched silver seppa (spacers). The forged T10 steel blade features true clay-tempering that produces a distinctive hamon (temper line). The traditional polish brings out the real hamon and a mirror shinogi-ji (flat section). The HRC 60 edge and HRC 40 back are ideal for cutting if you wish to put it to the test. The blade rests in a deep blue saya (scabbard) with a buffalo horn kurikata (knob) contrasted by the white, yellow and blue sageo (cord). When you grip the Saviour Katana in your hands, you become one with the musubi as the katana becomes an extension of your soul.


29 1/2" forged steel blade
Tradition handle construction
Beautiful kami motif
Overall: 43", 109,22 cm
Blade Length: 29 1/2", 74,93 cm, shaku 2.47
Handle Length: 12 1/4", 31,12 cm
Weight: 2 lbs 11 oz, 1211 gram
Sori: 1 1/8", 2,87 cm

Specs will vary slightly from piece to piece.

These swords are usually not in stock, take into account a delivery time of 4 - 12 weeks, or contact us first.