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Shi Katana


Buy a deadly battle-ready Shi Katana from Dragon King, in black with a hand-forged blade, beautiful tsuba and matching fuchi and kashira.


Blackest of the black and deadlier than death, the Shi Katana epitomizes the true function of the katana when carried to its ultimate end. When traditionally worn, the flash of the black skull shaped tsuba (guard) and kanji embossed fuchi-kashira (pommel) warns any would-be assassin that to challenge this warrior is to court your demise. The 11 ½” tsuka (handle) features a black-on-black tsuka-ito (handle wrap) and same (ray skin) handle contrasted by the triple silver skull menuki. A silver habaki (blade collar) and seppa (spacers) accent the 28” forged steel blade which rests in a hand carved, textured matte black saya. The saya is adorned with a buffalo horn kurikata (knob) and black sageo (cord).

Powerful, foreboding and deadly sharp, the Shi Katana possesses a thirsty blade and its owner must be one who can harness the power wisely.

Made by Dragon King.


28" T10 Forged Steel Blade
Black-on-back tsuka-ito and same
Skull shaped tsuba
Overall: 41"", 104,14 cm
Blade Length: 28, 71,12 cm
Shaku± 2.35
Handle Length: 11 1/2", 29,21 cm
Weight: 2 lbs 12 oz, 1240 gram
Sori: 7/8", 2,22 cm
Blade Steel: T10

Specs will vary slightly from piece to piece.

Bo-Hi (groove)
Weight (Gram)
1201 - 1250