Raptor Unokubi Zukuri Katana


The Raptor Katana Unokubi-Zukuri (Cormorant's Neck) blade design (also called Nagamaki Naoshi) is patterned after the shape of the Nagamaki, the powerful long-handled sword  popular between the 12th and 14th centuries. 


This particular katana is based on the light and fast unokubi zukuri style.Unokubi literally means "Cormorant Neck" which refers to the long, graceful neck of the cormorant sea bird. The blade starts off much like a shinogi zukuri katana at the "tsuba" (sword guard) but has a "hi" (groove) along the ridge surface.

About 1/3rd of the way forward the ridge angles back to create a more diamond cross section for the blade. This allows the katana to be wider and still thick enough to retain proper stiffness and edge angle but to balance out as a faster feeling blade since it moves the point of balance back towards the hands.

The tsuka is wrapped with a black suede ito in katatemaki style (the so-called "battle wrap" or "one arm" style). The black saya has a simple stone texture. The habaki displays an elegant rain pattern to add extra interest to the mounts.


A Tough 5160 Through Hardened Unokubi Zukuri sugata
Traditional Construction Simple, elegant koshirae
Overall length: 110,49 cm
Blade length: 72,39 cm
Tsuka length: 33 cm
Weight: 1,2 kg

Please note that as these are all hand made there will be some variation from blade to blade.



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