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shiro katana samurai sword
  • shiro katana samurai sword
  • shiro katana
  • shiro katana
  • shiro katana
  • shiro katana samurai sword

Shiro Katana


John Lee's Shiro Katana is hand-forged from HCS 1045 steel with a white appearance.


The color white (Shiro) is of great importance in Japanese culture in many ways. Among other things, white represents purity and holiness, as well as sadness and death. Samurai warriors often wore white under their Yoroi or armor to symbolize their willingness to fight to the death.

The blade is Shinogi Zukuri style with Bo-Hi, hand-forged from 1045 carbon steel. The blade is sharpened with hamon line for a very authentic look. White cotton handle in classic Hineri Maki style.

A white, high gloss lacquered wooden sheath.

The long blade is attached to the handle with two bamboo pins (Mekugi). Thus, the sword is fully dismountable. Authentic materials have been used.  The habaki and Seppa are made of brass. The traditional wrapping of the hilt is covered with genuine ray skin. All decorations (Tsuba, Fuchi, Menuki, Kashira) are handmade of metal. A cloth protective cover, a John Lee seal and a certificate are included.

Material blade: 1045 Carbon Steel

Material handle: Wood / Jet Skin / Cotton

Sheath: Wood

Length of handle: 28.5 xm

Length of blade: 72.5 cm

Overall length (without scabbard): 102 cm

Weight (without scabbard): 1050 g

*Specifications may vary slightly between them

Our recommendation:

This shiro katana is for the novice collector who is not yet too demanding for production sword. Everything is reasonably finished and meets our minimum requirements.