Musashino Katana + Bo-Hi


A 9260 throughhardened katana for the beginning collector or practitioner. 

Made of 9260 spring steel this blade is durable and resilience. This steel is especially resilient to stress and will be merciful with an inferior technique. This katana is a real light cutter for frequent practice. 

The blade is handforged and through-hardened till +/- HRC 52 - 53. The blade is handpolished with a O-kissaki and Bo-Hi.

The Tsuka is covered with real white rayskin and the tsuka-ito is made of black cotton. The Tsuba features the Musashino Tsuba.

The fuchi and kaskira are matching with the Musashino Tsuba. 

The Menuki features a Mon from Japan. 

The saya is black gloss and the sageo is also black cotton. 
A fully disassembled katana which are a perfect introduction to the arcane of the Samurai warrior tradition.


9260 Spring Steel
Menuki: Mon 
Mekugi : 2 
Overall length: 101,5 cm
Tsuka length: 28 cm
Motohaba (bottom width): 3,2 cm
Motokasane (bottom blade thickness): 7 mm
Sakihaba (yokote width): 2,3 cm
Sakikasane (yokote thickness): 5 mm

Weight: +/-  985 gram
Black swordbag

Specs will slighty differ piece to piece

Fuji Forge 014

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