Daimyo Katana
  • Daimyo Katana
  • Daimyo Katana
  • Daimyo Katana
  • Daimyo Katana
  • Daimyo Katana

Daimyo Katana


A hand forged and differentially hardened  Daimyo Katana from Fuji Forge for  the Japanese swordsmanship practitioner.


The blade is made of differentially hardened High Carbon HCS 1095 steel with a natural and genuine hamon. A High Carbon steel refers to a variety of carbon (+/- 0.95) and is well-suited to use for Japanese swords. Their suitability comes from hardness, resistance to abrasion and deformation and their ability to hold a cutting edge. This steel is very durable and ideal for tameshigiri.

This blade has no Bo-Hi, is very solid and will create more power while cutting a target. Also the blade will experience less resistance hitting a target and the cuts will be very clean with the right technique.

The Tsuka is covered with real white same (rayskin) and wrapped with black Silk. For safety the tsuka has two bamboo pins (mekugi).

The katana is stylized with an ancient black tsuba and a matching fuchi and kashira.

The excellent black saya engraved with a Seiryu (dragon) and includes a nice black Sageo.

Of course this katana comes with a sword bag


HCS 1095 steel
differentially hardened
Mekugi : 2
Overall length: 102 cm
Tsuka (handle) length: 28,5 cm
Blade/|Nagasa: 73 cm
Motohaba (bottom width) - blade width (mihaba) at the bottom of the blade (machi): 3,2 cm
Motokasane - blade thickness (kasane) at the bottom of the blade (machi): 7 mm
Sakihaba (top width) - blade width (mihaba) at the yokote: 2,1 cm
Sakikasane - blade thickness (kasane) at the yokote: 5 mm

Weight: +/- 1090 gram
Sword bag 

Each sword is handmade and unique so piece from piece will not look the same