Dharma Katana
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  • Dharma Katana
  • Dharma Katana
  • Dharma Katana
  • Dharma Katana

Dharma Katana


A thorughardened 9260 katana from Fuji Forge for the beginning collector of practitioner. 

The blade is made of through-hardened High Carbon 9260 steel. This steel is especially resilient to stress and will be merciful with an inferior technique. This steel is very durable and ideal for light tameshigiri. The blade is not differential hardened and shows no hamon. 

This blade has no Bo-Hi so it is solid and it will create more power while cutting a target. Also the blade will experience less resistance hitting a target and the cuts will be very clean with the right technique. 

The Tsuka is covered with real white same (rayskin) and wrapped with black Silk. For safety the tsuka has two bamboo pins (mekugi). 

The katana is stylized with a round Kuruma tsuba, which represents then"Wheel of Dharma," symbolizing the Buddhist concept of the Noble Eightfold Path. 

The Kashira and Fuchi match the black Tsuba. 

The excellent blackened saya includes a nice black Sageo. 

Of course this katana comes with a sword bag and maintenance kit. 


9260 Spring Steel
Menuki: Mountai Fuji 
Mekugi : 2 
Overall length: 102,5 cm
Tsuka (handle) length: 29,5cm
Moto-Kasane: +/-7 mm
Moto-Haba: 3,2 cm
Saki-Haba: 2,1 cm
Weight: +/- 1250 gram
Sword bag

Each sword is handmade and unique so piece from piece will not look the same.

Fuji Forge 001