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Kikugata Katana


The blade is made of handforged and folded High Carbon 1095 steel. The notare and midare hamon is evident and prominent and the grain pattern (hada) shows distinct layers.


The Kikugata Katana is forged, folded and differential hardened. The nagasa or blade is made of High Carbon 1095 steel.  Because of this High Carbon percentage the blades are very strong and made for functional use. It show a geometric chu kissaki.

The steel undergoes the most complex treatment and is handforged. Because we want to exclude bubbles in the steel from the blast furnace and to make the steel even more homogeneous and make it more aesthetic the steel is also folded 8 - 12 times. This causes a very nice organic masame hada (aka grain) with an esthetic and traditional atmosphere.

Of course all the blade are traditional clay tempered and the created notare and midare Hamon is appearing due to hand polishing. The use real japanese stones Nagura-do, uchigumori-do, hazuya, jizuya.

The blade has no Bo-Hi and this causes a massive nagasa and this will create more power while hitting a target. Also the blade will experience less resistance while hitting some tatami and the cuts will look cleaner using a correct technique.

The Tsuka is covered with black same (rayskin) and wrapped with Japanese Silk, with two Mekugi (bamboo pins).

The kikugata tsuba, Kashira and Fuchi are made from blackened iron. 

The excellent rayskin saya is wrapped with nice black japanese cotton.

Of course this katana comes with a nice sword bag.

A swordbag is included.

Nagasa (Blade) treatment: forged, folded and differential hardened HCS 1095 steel
Blade: Shinken (sharp)
Blade: No-Hi
Polish: handpolishing
Nagasa - Blade Length Incl. Habaki: 74 cm / 2.44 shaku 
Tsuka - Handle length: 27 cm
Overall length: 103 cm
Motohabi: 3,3 cm
Motokasane: 7 mm
Sakihabi: 2,1cm
Sakikasane: 5 mm
Tsuba: Kikugata 
Kissaki: Chu-Kissaki

Each sword is handmade and unique so piece from piece will not look the same.


1095 forged folded
Bo-Hi (groove)
Weight (Gram)
800 - 949

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