We are specialized in Japanese Katana. Our functional Samurai Swords are hand-forged, possibly folded and differential hardened. You can buy a katana from high-quality forges such as Hanwei, Thaitsuki, Dragon King, Kaneie and Huanuo. The functional weapons are sold to practitioners, such as the Iaido and Shinkendo, as well as the demanding collector. Different polishes are used on the katanas, Wakizashis and Tantos.


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Discover the world of the Samurai Swords. Samurai Katana Shop always has a large stock of Japanese swords, which can also be viewed in the webshop.

In addition to swords, we also sell

  • Wakizashi and Tanto - So you have a complete sword set
  • Sword standards - Beautiful wooden standards so that your swords are safe.
  • Maintenance set - So that your samurai sword does not rust