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Yushu Katana


The Citadel Yushu Katana has a high quality finish for the collector or practitioner looking for a full tang and battle ready samurai sword.

This samurai sword is rightly called Yushu ("perfection"). Due to the many extensive details, this katana is a top-class work of art.

The handmade koshirae, including the tsuba, fuchi and kashira, are made of blackened iron in high-gloss. The silver plated bronze menuki gives a nice contrast on the handle. The tsuba shows a Japanese temple with cherry blossoms (Sakura no Hana) in the foreground. The Menuki made of silver-plated bronze offers a nice contrast to the dark handle winding (Tsuka-Maki) and underlines the graceful overall appearance.

A hand forged blade made of HCS 1075 in Shinogi Zukuri style with a bo-hi or longitudinal groove. Truly a razor-sharp cut and of course differentially hardened with the traditional clay method with a cut of HRC 60 and HRC 40 back. Beautiful silver brass custom habaki and seppa.

A tight wrap of fine Japanese silk Ito in Hineri-Maki style and a custom made tsuka with real high quality ray skin. The strands of the knots cross, as you would expect with a Japanese katana. The tsuka is handmade to measure for the full tang so that it can be firmly fixed with mekugi (bamboo pins).

The saya or sheath is high-gloss black with inlaid rayskin (Kuroro style). The sheath opening (Koiguchi), Kurigata and saya end (Kojiri) are made of water buffalo horn. The sheath (Saya) is made separately for each sword and guarantees an absolute fit.

Expertly polished with stones for a mirror-smooth top with notare gunome hamon.

Each sword includes a manufacturing certificate, a high-quality sword cover and a padded Cordura holdall for transportation.

Fully handmade samurai sword and expertly assembled with a high mounting quality.

Citadel Ronin specifications:

Traditional Construction
High level of finish
Full Tang Handle
Functional (battle ready) sharp Shinken
Total length: 102.5 cm
Blade length to Habaki (Nagasa): 74 cm / 2.44 Shaku
Length handle: 28.5 cm
Weight without sheath: 1050 g
Weight with sheath: 1380 g

Completely handmade, specifications may therefore differ slightly.

Usually out of stock, delivery +/- 2 - 6 weeks