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Minamoto Tachi


This Minamoto Tachi is extremely functional but nevertheless a real collector's piece

The Tachi is worn with the cutting edge down and was mainly used by the cavalry. The sword usually has a deeper sori (curve) than a katana. That makes this unique Japanese sword very graceful.

A hand-forged Tachi of High Carbon 1095 which has been differentially hardened using the traditional clay method to create a hamon. The blade has a bo-hi and is suitble for light cutting. 

The fittings are of an antique design and are in nice contrast with the black sheath and beautifully finished sageo.

It is a full tang and battle ready sword with a sharp edge.

Specifications Minamoto Tachi:

Total Length: 98 cm.

Leaf Length: 71cm.

Handle Length: 25 cm.

Weight: 1070 gram without saya

The tachi is handmade and unique, they will differ from each other.

Stand not included