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The Chinese Pudao is originally an infantry weapon and in the hands of an experienced practitioner it is spectacular.


The Chinese Pudao (also spelled Pu Dao), originally an infantry weapon, has been adopted into the martial arts and its use in the hands of a skilled practitioner is spectacular.

Paul Chen Hanwei's Pudao is a weapon to be coveted by infantry of old and modern martial artists alike. The high carbon tempered steel blade has an aggressive distal taper to promote quickness and balance and a long tang for strength, while the oak staff is tightly wrapped in a traditional pattern, which both optimizes handling and adds to the distinctive appearance, as do the dragon-head bronzed steel blade collar and bell tassel.


High carbon tempered blade
Authentic styling
Excellent balance
Overall length: approx. 177.2 cm
Blade length: approx. 66 cm
Handle length: approx. 104.8 cm
Thickness at guard: approx. 7 mm
Weight: approx. 2.4 kg

Specs may slightly vary from piece to piece.