Lotus Jian brown


The Lotus Jian is a Chinese straight sword suitable for tai chi, wushu and kung fu training.


This Jian or Chinese straight sword is based on the symbolism of the Lotus. In China, the Lotus is seen as a resurrection from the dark, which you scramble up again after you have fallen deeply. From every mud pool beautiful lotuses finally emerge.

The lotus symbolism is also fully part of the Taoist principles. At night the Lotus closes its leaves and with a new day the beautiful flower emerges again, this balance between inside and outside, is called the yin-yang balance in the TaiChi.

The outside of this sword is therefore entirely attributed to a soft and beautiful outside, but the inner properties are a sword which is suitable for exercises.

The sword is hand-forged from High Carbon Steel 1095. The blade has been heat-treated and is semi-rigid with optimal durable properties with a semi-sharp cut.

The brown ebony sheath is finished with brass ornaments in the lotus style.

It is thus a functional sword suitable for the serious tai chi, wushu, kung fu and Chinese sword fighting practitioners due to its perfect balance and agile features.

Due to the beautiful design and finish, this is also very popular among collectors.


1095 steel blade
Total spring: 100.5 cm
Handle length: 20 cm
Blade length: 76.5 cm
Point of balance: 8 cm
Weight: 820 grams

Specs differ slightly from each other