Monkey Katana


A Monkey Katana with a hand forged and folded sword blade made of high quality K120C powder steel and differential hardened using the traditional clay method.


The Japanese macaque (Nihonzaru) can be found all over Japan and for most of Japanese history, monkeys were a familiar animal that can be seen in fields and villages. Monkeys are a historically prominent feature in the religion, folklore and art of Japan. This well-known Japnase theme can be found in this hand-forged and folded sword.

This sword has a hand forged and folded blade of high quality K120C powder steel and is differential hardened using the traditional clay method. As a result, a very appealing leaf with a prominent Ko-Notare and Gunome hamon. The itame and mokume hada (layered pattern) of the steel are visible on the surface and give an extra aesthetic value to the blade.

The differential hardening ensures that the edge reaches a greater hardness than the back side. This ensures the most optimal properties of the blade, with the edge being hard and sharp and the spine tougher and dampening the blows.

Without Bo-Hi (longitudinal groove) so that the blade is more massive, encounters less resistance when hitting an object.

The blackened iron tsuba shows two monkeys pillaging a peach tree. On the fuchi and kashira you will find a peach.

The handle is covered with genuine white rayskin and is wrapped tightly with black Japanese cotton.

The saya is deep black with a beautiful dark brown shine and the sageo is also black Japanese cotton.

A beautiful functional Monkey katana that is also decorative in its place.


Hand Forged High Carbon Steel
Differentially hardened

Dimensions and weight:

Nagasa/Leaf length: 69 cm
Tsuka/Handle: 29.5 cm
Total length: 101 cm
Shaku: 2.28
Weight: 1160 grams
POB: 14 cm
Motohabi: 3,1 cm
Motokasane: 7 mm
Sakihabi: 2,1 cm
Sakikasane: 5 mm
Sori: 1.7 cm

Specs will vary slightly from piece to piece.

Bo-Hi (groove)
Weight (Gram)
1151 - 1200