Deluxe Bokuto with Bo-Hi - Red Oak Daito


Buy a Japanese Tozando Deluxe Bokken or Bokuto with Bo-Hi to train safely so that your level can increase faster in Aikido, Iaido, Katori Shinto, Muso Shinden or Shinkendo.


This Deluxe Bokuto is made of selected high quality Japanese woods like Akagashi (Red Oak), all sourced locally by the Aramaki workshop.

The bokuto features a flat spine and kashira for a simple and practical appearnace.

The bokken has a partial Bo-Hi (longitudinal groove) so that the blade is lighter, more agile and faster. The Bo-Hi also creates the tachi-kaze (whoosh sound) with the right technique.

It is idela for use in the nihon Kendo no Kata, Aikido Aikiken practice and sogo bujutsu styles that require an authentic stlye bokuto.

What is Japanese Red Oak?

The oak used for our Bokuto, Akagashi, greatly differs from the woods used in bokuto made outside of Japan.  The structure of Japanese oak is uniformly hard, has excellent dent resistance and impact strength.  Perfect for contact kata. The Deluxe Bokuto wood is really highgrade.

*Due to the concerns for the health of our wooden workshop artisans, varnish will be replaced by wax for the finishing of all of wooden weapons.


Made in Japan from locally sourced wood

Kenmine - bevelled ridge opposite the cutting side

Rounded pommel

Daikissaki - elongate sword tip

Handcrafted by the expert artisans at the Aramaki workshop


Total Length

Daito: 101.5cm

Bladelength: 75.5cm

Handlelength: 26cm

Thickness: 37 x 26mm

Approximate weight*

Daito: 550-600g

*Due to the nature of the material, weight is given indicatively and can be subject to variation.

*Wooden Bokken are very strong BUT a tool for martial art practice, by hitting it very hard you can destroy it, whether it’s made of wood or steel. It you want to use it for abuse we will recommend a not traditional but extremely durable, affordable heavy duty polypropylene bokken.