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Japanse Namako Sukashi Iaito 2.5 Shaku


Buying a real Japanese Iaito for practitioners of Iai-Do and Koryu with a perfect balance and the use of the best materials and craftsmanship in Japan.


Professional Japanese Iaito for Iaido and Koryu sword practitioners. This Namako Sukashi Iaito is made in an Iaito workshop in Gifu Prefecture. They use the best materials and the best craftsmanship available today. Perfectly balanced, these are built by master craftsmen with at least 10 years of sword making experience.

Despite the decorative elements, these Iaitos are all tools for use in martial arts by both deshi and sensei.

Japanese Craftsmanship for an ideal Iaito light in weight so that optimal training can be done with minimal risk of overload.

An extremely durable Iaito with a zinc/aluminium blade so that you can train maintenance-free. This one does have an artificial hamon because differential hardening is not possible and necessary.

The blade has a Bo-Hi (longitudinal groove) so that the blade is lighter, more agile and faster. The Bo-Hi also creates the tachi-kaze (whoosh sound) with the right technique.

The Tsuka is provided with real Same (rayskin) and tightly wrapped with black cotton and provides a good grip. The Tenouchi principle is of course a well-known concept at this experienced forge. The securing of the Tsuka is with two bamboo pins (mekugi) so that you can train safely and you can also disassemble your Iaito.

The bamboo Menuki, Kashira, Fuchi and Musashi Tsuba are carefully matched.

An excellent mounting and perfectly fitting saya make it a pleasure to train with.


Blade: Zinc/Aluminium

Blade Length: 2.5 Shaku (75.7 cm)

Bohi: Single Groove

Tsuba: Namako Sukashi

Tsuka Length: 8.5 Sun (25.8cm)

Weight: +/- 940 grams

Fuchi Kashira & Menuki: Ajiro, Wickerwork

Saya: Kuroishime

* Zinc/aluminium is a recommended alloy because the lighter weight puts as little stress on your joints as possible, which also promotes correct technique. The weight is just right, as you can expect from Japan.

* An Iaito is blunt and not suitable for contact training, so are not suitable for tameshigiri or other forms of cutting.