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Song Sword


The Song Sword from Hanwei is made of the best materials after an example of a recovered original from the time of the Song Dynasty.


Paul Chen's  Song Sword exemplifies both the traditional values and the commitment to quality of the craftsmen of Hanwei. Patterned after a Song Dynasty sword, this version features a folded K120C powder steel blade in the traditional willow-leaf design, with exquisite patterning and deep fullers. The solid bronze guard has a “flying goose” motif on the grip side, with traditional “good fortune” designs on the reverse, repeated on the pommel and scabbard fittings. The grip is leather-wrapped over sharkskin, which also covers the scabbard. The beauty of the Song sword belies the fact that it is fully functional, with great inherent strength, balance and cutting ability.

Recreated by the craftsmen of Hanwei from the swords of the Lords of the great dynasties, these Chinese Gongfu swords represent the pinnacle of the sword maker’s art, vividly illustrating the skills and creativity of the smiths of Imperial China.


Authentic styling
Folded Swedish powder steel blade
Fully functional
Overall: 32“, 81,28 cm
Blade Length: 24 1/2“, 61,60 cm
Handle Length: 5 3/4”, 14,61 cm
Weight: 2lb 2oz, 956 gram
Point of Balance: 5", 12,7 cm
Width at Guard: 1.31"
Width at Tip: 1.5"
Thickness at Guard: .27"
Thickness at Tip: .17"

Specs will vary slightly from piece to piece.


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