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Thaitsuki Tonbo Sanmai Katana


Tonbo Sanmai Katana Katana from Thaitsuki is a hand-forged and folded samurai sword of Japanese high carbon T10 steel in 1024 layers in shinogi zukuri style with bo-hi.


The Tonbo Sanmai Katana Katana from Thaitsuki is a hand forged and folded katana and is finished to the highest standards.

The samurai swords of thaitsuki are completely handmade and the smiths adhere to the pursuit of perfection just like the true samurai warriors. The master smiths have an eye for detail and the highest standards of workmanship, this is evident in the koshirae and the beautifully finished blade.

A hand-forged and folded blade of Japanese high carbon T10 steel in 1024 layers in shinogi zukuri style. The top with a whole bo-hi and is hand polished, so the layered pattern or hada is beautifully visible. The blade is hand-forged according to the sanmai method, which implies a relatively softer and flexible core and harder ha or edge, so that the blade will not break quickly when hitting an object.

The blackened copper tsuba with silver dragonfly is of very high quality. The seppa and habaki are also made of silver and everything exudes a high mounting quality. The habaki have an engraved family crest (mon) on both sides.

The tsuka is wrapped with black Japanese silk and of course real black rayskin (same) is used for the grip. Everything secured with two mekugi ana (bamboo pins) so that the handle can be disassembled.

A lot of attention is also paid to the saya, which is made of hardwood and finished with dark purple matte lacquer and silver dragonfly inlay. A silver kurikata together with gold black sageo and the silver sayajiri is the finishing touch.

Each katana is handmade and unique and will never be the same and comes with an individual serial number and certificate.


Hand-forged and folded high-carbon steel blade (1024 layers)
Hand polished and perfect hada
Black Bronze Tsuba
Silver Kashira, Menuki, Habaki, Seppa and Fuchi
black japanese silk ito
Nagasa: 73.66 cm
Tsuka: 29 cm
Total length: 105 cm
Weight: 1300 grams

These swords are usually not in stock, take into account a delivery time of 8 – 24 weeks, or contact us first.