Kama - Left
  • Kama - Left

Kama - Left


Buy a Kama or rice sickle which is one of the weapons of the peasant warriors of the Ryukyu archipelago, a weapon of Okinawa Kobudo.


Having its origins in the rice sickle and long one of the weapons of the farmer warriors of the Ryukyu Archipelago, the Kama has become an important item of equipment for modern students of Okinawan Kobudo.  Hanwei kama are pieces of superior quality, having hand-forged T10 high-carbon steel blades with an authentic temper line (hamon). The handles and blade covers are of oak with blackened brass detailing. As with the originals, the unique wedge-shaped blade section requires that the Kama be right & left handed.

Model XH1041 is for the right hand, XH1042 for the left.


High Quality
Edge Tempered blade
Excellent balance
Kama, Left Hand
Blade Length: 19,68 cm
Handle Length: 16,51 cm
Weight: 370 gram

Specs will vary slightly from piece to piece.