Kurosagi katana - Limited Edition


A unqiue Kurosagi katana designed for the tameshigiri practitioner.

The Shinogi Zukuri (sugata) blade is hand forged and differentially hardened with traditional clay method with a gunome hamon.

This strong blade is very beefy and has a Bo-Hi (groove) to reduce the weight of the blade and makes it a quicker katana for multiple cuts. Due t The Bo-Hi you will hear tachi-kaze (whoosh-sound) with a proper technique.

The excellent Ha geometry will experience less resistance while cuttings target and makes this katana very suitable for Tameshigiri.

The Kurosagi katana features genuine black Same (Rayskin) on the Tsuka, with a  very tightly-woven green blue cotton wrap (Tsuka-Ito).

The fuchi and kashira are decorated in a Japanese dogwood motif with Shishi menuki with a very blackened iron Kurosagi tsuba. The Heron or Korusagi is a symbol of Buddhist purity, while a heron can stand absolutely still in vigilance. The nakago is double pegged for security.

The Saya is matt structured and the blue Sageo fits nice to the Ito.

A completion for each collection but in fact an excellent performing katana in cutting hard and soft targets.


Differential clay hardened (water) nagasa
Gunome hamon.
Sugata: Shinogi zukuri with Bo-Hi
Mekugi (bamboo safety pin) 2x
Nagasa length: 72 cm
Tsuka length 28 cm
Overall length: 101 cm
Weight: 1162 grams
Motohaba: 3,68 cm  
Motokasane: 61 mm
Sakihaba: 2,85 cm
Sakikasane:  48 mm
Sori / Kromming: 1,91 cm   

Pieces may slightly vary

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