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Woodprint of the 47 Ronin - Legend of the Loyal Followers


Buy an original Woodprint from Yoshitora who has brilliantly created a series about the 47 ronin.


An original Woodprint by Yoshitora who brilliantly created a series about the 47 ronin. The vibrant design depicts a ronin during the night attack on the Manor of Moronao.

A ronin was a samurai who no longer served a daimyo or other master. The legend of the 47 ronin is of course world famous. This samurai attacks with his sword and is looking for the old enemies.

This samurai wears the Ronin's signature black and white robe with dogtooth trim.

The print is very detailed, including the katana with expressive faces.

A unique and original woodprint that is a good choice for a samurai enthusiast and a classic Japanese story about revenge.

The artist is Yoshitora (active circa 1840 - 1880)

The large one is chuban or medium of this design, size +/- 24.5 x 18 cm

*Excluding frame