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Cloud Jian


The Cloud Jian is handforged and made out 1060 High Carbon steel and suitable for light cutting.


At the Huanuo forge, they only make handmade and hand-forged functional swords.  After studying various Chinese straight swords, this unique Cloud Jian is the latest item.

The jian is a Chinese straight sword with a two-edged blade which has been used in China for the past 2500 years.

The hand-forged sharp blade is made of 1060 High Carbon steel and is suitable for light functional use.

Suitable for practitioners as well as sword collectors who will enjoy this beautiful piece.

A highly decorative sheath with finely brushed stainless steel ornaments.

Jian Specifications:

Overall length: 94.5 cm

Blade length: 76 cm (under guard)

Handle: 17.5 cm

POB: 11 cm

Weight sword excluding scabbard: 900 grams

Weight sword with scabbard: 1350 grams

Swords may differ slightly from each other.

1060 forged

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