Odachi Katana
  • Odachi Katana

Odachi Katana


The Odachi Katana has a large hand-forged high-carbon steel blade.

Forging and heat treating a 49" blade is a tough task but the Hanwei smiths have mastered the technique and we're excited to bring you our functional and historically accurate O-dachi. The "O" means great and we're not kidding. 
With an overall length of 67" there's only one way to describe this sword - large! Patterned after an original from the 14th Century, when Odachi were still in use on the field of battle, this sword is a must for Japanese sword enthusiasts. 

This is a truly awesome sword. If you love big swords - you are going to have to get the Hanwei Odachi. 

Made by Hanwei. 
Hand Forged Blade 
Differentially Hardened 
True Odachi 
Specifications (swords are hand made and may vary):
Nagasa: 125 cm
Tsuka: 44 cm
Overall length: 170 cm
Weight: 2,7 kg
POB: 27,94 cm

This product is only available in the Netherlands, when ordered from abroad we need to calculate new shipping costs due to dimensions and weight. Also this sword will be damaged during shipment for sure. 


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