Chinese War Sword Machete
  • Chinese War Sword Machete

Chinese War Sword Machete


You can buy the Chinese War Sword Machete here for a reasonable price, with its cutting power, which Cold Steel is known for.

This Chinese Sword Machete is based on the famous Cold Steel Chinese War Sword. The design with its broad and the leaf with deep curve is beautiful. This machete is a double-handed blade that can be used.

The blade is made from hardened 1055 high Carbon Steel. The constuction is full tang with a durable polypropylene handle.

This machete is capable of brutal performance due to its cutting power, exactly what Cold Steel is known for.

This machete comes with a custom Cor-Ex shoulder strap.


Weight: 1168 grams
Blade thickness: 2.8 mm
Blade length: 61 cm
Total length: 96.5 cm
Handle: 35.5 cm Polypropylene
Steel: 1055 Carbon Steel black Anti Rust layer