Skyjiro - David Goldberg Swords Scam

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It has taken time to warn people about Skyjiro. Currently I am still waiting for an order that was placed and paid 3 years ago. The contact Danny tries to keep calm with lies one even better than the other.

Do not place orders with Skyjiro, your money will then be gone for which we all have to save hard.

The company probably partly owned by David Goldberg seems to be a scam.

Please watch out!

SkyJiro Forge's Bank Details: Dealer Address: Holder Name: Tian Kong Account No: 621 661 620 500 109 0585 Bank Of China L. Q. SubBranch SwiftCode: BKCHCNBJ910 Bank Address: No.116 Zhong Shan East Road , L.Q. City, ZheJiang Province, China -323700

David Goldberg Scam

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