We are specialized in Japanese Katana. Our functional Samurai Swords are hand-forged, possibly folded and differential hardened. You can buy a katana from high-quality forges such as Hanwei, Thaitsuki, Dragon King, Kaneie and Huanuo....



  • Hanwei / Paul Chen

    For a quarter of a century, Hanwei has been a forge that produces...

  • Huanuo Sword Art

    Huanuo Sword Art is a sword forge dedicated to the highest quality japanses...

  • Thaitsuki

    The high quality swords of Thaitsuki Nihonto are hand forged by experienced...

  • Dragon King

    The famed artisans of Dalian have returned to show to the sword world what...

  • Fuji Forge

    Fuji Forge is a forge with hand-forged battle ready katanas for the modern...

  • Kaneie Sword Art

    Kaneie Sword Art offers a broad selection of katana for the Iaido, Kendo...

  • Skyjiro

    SkyJiro Forge is a well know Japanese Sword forging company under the...

  • Citadel Swords

    The swords of the forge Citadel are made with authentic methods and...

There are 157 products.

Products by page

Products by page

Discover the world of the Samurai Swords. Samurai Katana Shop always has a large stock of Japanese swords, which can also be viewed in the webshop.

In addition to swords, we also sell

  • Wakizashi and Tanto - So you have a complete sword set
  • Sword standards - Beautiful wooden standards so that your swords are safe.
  • Maintenance set - So that your samurai sword does not rust
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