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Tsuru Iaito Wakizashi


The Paul Chen Tsuru Iaito Wakizashi Training Sword is for the practitioner who wants the best in a sword without the dangers of losing a limb.


The Paul Chen Tsuru Iaito  Wakizashi is for the practitioner who wants the best in a sword without the dangers of losing a limb. Iaito have long been the preferred training tools for safe practice of the many Japanese sword drawing arts typically known as Iaido. While not designed for blade-on-blade contact or test cutting, the unsharpened iaito is perfectly weighted and balanced for its designed task of safe and repetitive drawing practice.

The Paul Chen Tsuru Iaito training sword is a breakthrough in design and functionality. Made of special stainless steel, they are more durable than iaito made of aluminum alloy. Steel feels more like a live blade and is not prone to wobble when swung. Through a special tempering process the Paul Chen Iaito do not have the brittle behavior often associated with stainless steel, but retain its low maintenance rust resistant qualities. These very affordable iaito are the ideal training tools for safely practicing the ancient art of Iaito.

Study on the use of the Japanese sword is a very serious endeavor. Students of Iaido (Way of the Sword Draw) typically learn the sword using various instruments. Most likely they will begin with a bokken / bokuto (wooden sword) and then an Iaito (un-edged training sword) before handling a Shinken (live sword). Iaito are an integral tool in the learning process allowing students to practice with a sword with a sense of safety for themselves and for those around them. Iaito by CAS Hanwei are light (less than 2lbs.) and extremely well balanced to reduce the wear-and-tear on specific joints. The un-edged blades are crafted in 400 series stainless steel with a simulated hamon and are fully tempered to withstand repeated drawing and practice cutting strokes. Each blade features a bo-hi (groove), which both reduces blade weight and produces an audible feedback when practice cutting strokes are made correctly.

Key Features:

Black Same w/ Black Silk Ito & Sageo
Same wrapped Saya (Koiguchi to Kurikata)
Silver Menuki & Habaki, Seppa, Shitodome

Specifications Tsuru Wakizahsi:

Blade length: 50,16 cm 
Handle length: 19 cm  
Overall length: 69,21 cm
Weight: 563 gram


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