Tameshigiri Stand Deluxe


The most solid tameshigiri standard on the market for professional use of tatami and training with a sharp sword.

Tameshigiri is the Japanese art of target cutting. Literally meaning "test cut" and this became popular in the Edo period (17th century) to test the quality of Japanese swords. Sometimes criminals were executed by tameshigiri but more often corpses were used.

Today, it has evolved into a martial art that focuses on demonstrating the practitioner's skill with a sword.

This Tameshigiri stand is the most solid you can find. It is a heavy steel stand with wooden extension bar and dowel so that you can move around easily.

The stand is equipped with adjustable legs for absolute stability and is in place in every Dojo.


Diameter: 64 cm

Height: 80 cm including stake

Weight: 23 kg

Pick up only due to weight

*Tameshigiri is not for beginners, take the necessary precautions to practice it safely.