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Sakura Katana


The Sakura Katana is hand-forged from 1095 steel with an insane hand-polished choji hamon using Hazuya and Jizuya stones


Kaizen Sword Art is forging some of the most impressive Japanese Katana available today.

The sakura, or cherry blossom, is an ode to Japan and the samurai warriors. Sakura is a wonderful metaphor about the impermanence of life as it blooms beautifully in spring but soon falls out.

Beautiful Japanese history let us know that there was no greater glory for a samurai warrior to go to war in a field of scattered cherry blossoms.

Thanks to a strong collaboration between our knowledge and the craft of Kanbun Swords, the quality is outstanding for both the discerning collector and the martial arts practitioner.

An amazing hand-polished choji hamon through Hazuya and Jizuya stones


Steel: HCS 1095 with claytempered hamon
Bohi: No
Handle/Tsuka length: 26,5 cm
Blade/Nagasa length ex habaki: 75.7 cm,
Shaku, 2.5 cm
POB: 18 cm
Motohaba: 32 mm
Motokasane (bottom blade thickness): 6 mm
Sakihaba: 22 mm
Sakikasane (yokote thickness): 5 mm
Weight: 1020 grams
Hamon: Midare Choji Hamon
Saya: black ishime (structured)
Tsuka Style Ryugo
Kurikata Shitodome
About 1.5CM
Real Yokote
Blade Style
shinogi Zukuri
Heat Treatment: Clay Temper with real choji hamon
Saya: kuroro koiguchi with buffalo horn
2 Mekugi
Japanese Black Cotton Ito - Very tight Wrap
Differentially hardened
Full tang and battle ready sharp sword

Handmade swords may vary slightly in specifications

Bo-Hi (groove)
Weight (Gram)
1001 - 1050