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Practical Special Katana

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The Practical Special is a slightly modified version of the Practical Katana, with a hand-forged blade made of high-quality carbon steel and differential hardened using the traditional clay method.


The Practical Special is a subtly modified version of the Practical Katana, made in response to requests for a quicker sword at the same economy price. The blade dimensions have been changed only slightly and the tsuba cutouts have been enlarged, and though this has resulted in a weight loss of only 3 oz., the difference in handling is very noticeable. The Practical will remain the standard for hard, regular cutting but for those needing a faster draw, multiple cut katana at an economy price, the Special is the answer.


High carbon forged blade
Full Tang and Battle Ready Sharp blade
Differentially tempered
Quick blade
Overall: 39", 99,06 cm
Blade Length: 27", 68,58 cm
Handle Length: 11", 27,94 cm
Motohaba: 3 cm
Sakihaba: 2,1 cm
Weight: 2lb 4oz, 1013 gram

Specs will vary slightly from piece to piece.


Bo-Hi (groove)
Weight (Gram)
1001 - 1050

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