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Sakura Iaito

A Sakura Iaito from Japan suitable for advanced practitioner with perfect balance.

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€ 645,00

An authentic Sakura Iaito from Japan which is made in a forge with the finest materials and assembled by the most experienced craftsmen.

The Sakura Iaito is an ideal Iaito with perfect balance and light weight so you can practice with minimal risk of injury.
A sustainable Iaito which is made of Zinc/aluminum, so maintenance free, and comes with a Bo-Hi (groove length for weight reduction). The hamon is artificial and available in different types.

The Tsuka is equipped with real Same (ray skin) and tightly wrapped with black cotton for good grip. The Tenouchi principle is of course known to this experienced forge and the Tsuka is pegged with two bamboo mekugi so you can practice safely.
This Iaito can be disassembled for inspection or a thorough cleaning and it is easy to customize you Iaito.

The Menuki is a cherry blossom.  

Because it is very important to practice with the right blade and tsuka length we offer them in different lengths.

Because we believe that your Iaito is a reflection of your soul and each person is unique, we offer the possibility to customize your Iaito. You can choose from different hamonlines, blade- and handle length and saya.  No Chinese mass production but Japanese old craftsmen, who cares for an excellent mounting and perfectly fitted saya.

These Iaito's are used worldwide by many swordsmanship practitioners and are suitable for beginning and advanced practitioner and are the best you can get in Europe. 100 % made in Japan.

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Vandaag mijn Sakura iaito binnengekregen. Een zeer mooi afgewerkte iaito met een goede balans.
De heer Klaver heeft mij vooraf veel informatie verstrekt en ik heb daardoor een prachtzwaard kunnen samenstellen waar ik nog lang plezier van zal beleven!

    Siegbert R

    Wonderful Iaito

    I ordered this Iaito in February 2015 after a longer conversation with Mr. Klaver. He patiently answered all my questions and recommended me the Sakura Iaito because he could deliver this Iaito with a size of 2,55 shaku.

    I am very satisfied about the choice. The balance of the blade (sword) is perfect and the workmanship is really great. It's not cheap but inexpencive.

    I can recommend this Iaito unlimited to every serious Iaitoka (beginners and advanced students).

    S.R. (Germany)

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      Sakura Iaito

      Sakura Iaito

      A Sakura Iaito from Japan suitable for advanced practitioner with perfect balance.

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