Huanuo Tamahagane Tachi Blue


A unique tachi made by the Huanuo Sword art

The Tachi is a japanese sword and has a larger en bigger curve compared to the katana. Unlike the traditional manner of wearing the katana, the tachi was worn hung from the belt with the cutting-edge down, and was usually used by cavalry. The tachi was used primarily on horseback, where it was able to be drawn efficiently for cutting down enemy footsoldiers.

This tachi is made by tamahagane steel, translated as "jewel steel", the steel is made from black sand and this is the traditional ingredient of the real japanese sword. The iron sand, through a relatively low-temperature smelting process, combines with carbon to form tamahagane steel. The resulting material is broken into smaller pieces that are split up by carbon content. Through the process of breaking and combining high- and low-carbon pieces during forging give the blade the most optimal effect. This Hada is very visible and arise during the folding process. The clay-tempered gives this blad a very nice hamon and is hand-polished on imported Japanese stones.

This blade has no B-hi so makes it stronger and gives less resistence while hitting a target.

The saya is a nice brown lacquered with the mon (family crest) decoration the sageo is very attractive and is special tied.

High quality ray skin (same) is used on the tsuka and shows a very nice brass dragon menuki. The tsuba of the taichi shows refined elegance and is made of brass. The Tsuka-ito is made if brown high quality japanse cotton.


Tamahagane tachi from Huanuo
Steel: Tamahagane
Polish: Hand Polished
Bo-Hi: No
Temper: Differential Clay-Tempered
Traditional construction
Overall length: 95 cm.
Tsuka: 24 cm
Blade/Nagasa: 71 cm

Piece to piece may slightly vary.