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Hsu Wushu Dao


A Chinese Dao Saber designed by world-renowned Chinese martial arts master Sifu Adam Hsu, this elegant Chinese Sword is designed for Wushu.


Designed by world-renowned Chinese martial arts Master Sifu Adam Hsu, this elegant Dao was especially designed for Wushu, a traditional Chinese sport, and crafted from strong 65Mn high carbon steel.

Functionality, weight and balance are paramount considerations in Sifu Hsu's designs, while Hanwei’s quality and workmanship give the swords a graceful and pleasing appearance.

The sword's single-edged blade is fullered. The bent (so-called "ox-tail") pommel and the slotted  scabbard facilitate a quicker drawing of the blade. The pommel is equipped with a small metal ring to which a tassel or a piece of cloth may be tied.

This sharp Dao is comfortably light and can be wielded with ease by the new or experienced practitioner.


Chinese Sabre
Made from tough high carbon steel
Including scabbard with metal carrying rings, throat and chape.
Blade material: 65Mn high carbon steel
Overall length: approx. 95 cm
Blade length: approx. 69.5 cm
Handle length: approx. 16 cm
Weight: approx. 1485 g

Specs may slightly vary from piece to piece.