Our Swords Stands collection offers amazing models at an attainable price. These items will be a perfect and respectful complement to your home collection. To keep your Katana in good condtion you have to do some maintenance and apply...



  • Sword Stands

    Our Japanese Sword Stands are perfect for displaying your sword sets. The...

  • Maintenace katana

    A katana cleaningkit is necessary for the maintenance of your katana. Make...

  • Sword Bags

    You can safely carry your katana, bokken of Iaito in our sword bags. Some...

  • Kabuto & Menpo

    Mempo were facial armours which covered all or part of the face and provided...

  • Fuchi & Kashira

    The Fuchi and Kashira are parts of your tsuka (handle) that helps the tsuka...

  • Tsuka Ito

    Tsukamaki combines aesthetics and function, and is the Japanese art of sword...

  • Sword Bags (bukuro)

    We carry a variety of sword bags to meet your needs. Those sword bags or...

  • Tsuba

    An important part of your katana is the tsuba, this ensures that the hands...

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Products by page

Products by page

At Samurai Katana Shop you can buy a sword quickly and easily!

We are actually the only webshop in the Netherlands with a great deal of knowledge about buying a sword. Our range is deep with many high-quality suppliers who can deliver genuine handforged and differential hardened swords.

In our webshop you will find swords that you can buy right away, but we have everything for your samurai sword. Beautiful stands and maintenance sets to keep your sword in good condition.

Knowledgeable service

If you do not know exactly what you want to buy, we can help you on your way, as you have years of martial art experience. We have an e-book for deepening your personal knowledge, but you will also find a lot of information about swords on our webshop.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions. You can contact us by telephone on 06-55696938 or by mail via the contact form.

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